About Me

My name Leotra Fleming.  I went to college at University of Houston and got a degree in Communications with a Minor in Business.  As you can image I read books a lot and at some point in my life thought, “should I have majored in English instead?”  But I know I would not be a writer and yet what to do?  Entertaining job ideas it came to me that I am qualified to be a copy editor!  I’m thrilled!  All those classes correcting other people’s “mistakes” will pay off after all.

I’m an editor not only because I’m educated to be but because I see an author getting a bad review because there is so many errors in a book to be a small tragedy.  I think it is lovely that there is a way to help and empower self-published authors who don’t need the bad wrap of a clerical mistake to ruin their book reviews.

I look forward to helping writers out and doing the book world justice.  As a reader I have been reading a book and thought, “oh…they missed that!”  At the same time, for me it means a career.  I’m paid to read and snipe those moment killers so people can enjoy the story.  I love it.  I may not may intended to be a an editor for a living but I am now!

If you have read this far I guess I should tell you what I did what to do.  Are do you really want to know?  I don’t know if should or not but communications degree programs give us: media history, writing for the media classes, editing classes and labs as well as communication law and communication theory.  Maybe I will tell next time we meet.

After all what will be next in the series if I tell everything now?  As a writer you understand I’m sure of it.